Monday, February 16, 2015

Ride For Hope 2015 Getting Started

Well today I thought I had better get going on raising support for Ride for Hope Coast to Coast 2015. This time we will be riding from San Francisco to Boston. Starting on June 14th and ending in Boston on June 24th, approximately 3,409 miles later.  It will be an international affair as well we will ride into Toronto Canada and riders from Europe and Africa will be joining along.  The Ride for Hope's primary purpose is to raise support for orphaned abandoned, vulnerable and forgotten children due to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNYBN-lQmSI

Since the ride in 2013 Laura and I have sponsored an orphan in Kenya and I am planning to ride in her honor.  I'd like you to meet Rosemary Atieno Ondiek, her dream job when she grow up is to be a nurse.  For some perspective her favorite activities are sewing, fetching water and washing utensils. She lives in a Carepoint ministry supported by Christ's Hope.  There she receives daily food, support for her education, and any medical attention.  Our hope is that Rosemary and other children like her will  have an opportunity to realize their dream of become a contributing member of her village and country.


This is why I will particpate in Ride for Hope, to see that children like Rosemary don't end up abused  in some work camp or worse.  Please consider supporting Christ Hope's ministry you can contribute on my Ride for Hope page on the link to the right you can also click on this link https://rideforhopectc.org/rides/893john-leeming/profile

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day two St. John's Arizona to Grant New Mexico.

Day two, on our way to Albuquerque, our leg started in St. John's, Arizona and wet to Grant ,New Mexico. The previous day was body draining. Three of us including myself were overcome by heat sickness for a portion of the ride. Even Ray who road well and seemed to handle the heat OK was feeling unusually fatigued by the previous days effort. Because of the strain of the previous day needing rest to recover from heat exhaustion and having to meet an event deadline in Albuquerque at 5:00 PM we split the days ride with team 4 they did the first half of the leg and we did the second half. We road through saguaro cactus forests, deserts and ended at the Continental Divide in New Mexico.  It was funny we had come to the end point for the days ride, loaded up the bikes and off we went just to find the sign indicating we had come to the Continental Divide a 1/4 of a mile beyond where we had stopped.  Never shy about a photo opportunity we tried to ham it up a little and look like we had exhausted ourselves getting there, but as you can see we need to take some acting lessons...
What a blessing it was to join everyone in Albuquerque.  We met at the Orphan Exchange Thrift Store (https://www.facebook.com/OrphansExchangeThriftStore). Amazingly, the owner and his family support over 700 orphans world wide from that one store.  He has recently partnered with Christ's Hope International and began supporting a Care Point in Africa.  Team 3, the all girl team road the last leg to the thrift store that day.  the day before Alicia (standing, on the team right, in the picture below) had crashed and suffered some severe bruising and what she would find out a few days later at least one cracked rib.  We would ride with them the next day, in what turned out to be one of the best rides of the ten days.  See tomorrows post for an update.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day one Desert hot springs to some spot on the road 107 miles later

This was one hot day!  We began our leg, a little late which was an indcation of the day to come.  We were paired with team #one.  Tim Paton, Bob Findley, Garheard P. and Jason Zimmerman.  At the 4 mile point we started the first climb of  4 modest climbs. My rear tire flayed at about mile thirty, a quick change and off we went. Idealistic about the rest of the day, afterall, in a group of eight if somthing else was going to happen, it was someone else's turn. On the next decent, I found myself riding in the SAG car for the next 30 miles. Although, I had already consumed over a galon of water, the 118 degree temps won the moment. Both my hamstrings completly locked up with cramps to the point of falling of my bike, not able to get out of my pedals.

It took all of the thirty miles, following the remaining riders Ray Melberg, Chris Taylor and Lee Weigand at 20 mph one and a half hours to recover enough to finish the ride. We had two others fall out from heat issues and Ray and I were able to bring in the last 28. Thanks for your prayers but we have the same tomorrow.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ride for Hope prologue

It is the tridition, when on a cross country bicycle ride to dip the rear wheel in the departing ocean, in our case the Pacific Ocean.  We did this at  Dana point this afternoon in a comissioning ceremony. Jos, the International director for Christ's hope reminded us that we were not doing this ride for us. We are doing this in for the Lord Jesus Christ who sat children on his lap. We are riding for children LOVED by God and forgoten by men. I will not be indifferent, I will do somthing!

T minus 2 days

On my way to Dana Point to start Ride for Hope. I'm Excited and anxious to begin.  Im in a our SAG vehicle driving from Sacremento with Laura Leeming Kristen & Lee Wiegand and Jos the International director of Christ's Hope International. I started this journey excited to ride my bicycle across the US but with each passing day I become more motivated for the cause of the lost children this ride will serve. If you can, please consider supporting, even $5 will help. www.rideforhopectc.org/riders/john-Leeming.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ride for Hope Kick off Century and training ride.

Tomorrow morning Saturday the 8th of June I'll be participating in the Ride for Hope Kick off Century.  We will be riding 100 miles form Sacramento to Ripon CA.  This would be a great time to help support Ride for Hope Coast to Coast, would you consider supporting this training ride on a per mile basis.  I would love to know that each mile I ride will be helping to provide the basic food, shelter, medical support and education for orphaned children in Africa.  A few cents a mile will go a long way to helping an orphaned child have a home and family to live with. send me an email (jeleeming@gmail.com) letting me know how much you would like to contribute per mile.  I'll post my total mileage after the ride and then go to www.rideforhopectc.org/riders/john-leeming  and donate the total.  A donation of $5, $10 or more would be greatly appreciated.

I am 9 days away from the start of my 10 day journey across the United States.  I am getting very excited and can't wait to start.  The cycling will be a challenge but meeting people along the rout and letting them know about the crisis in Africa and encouraging others to get involved is exciting as well. Thanks for your consideration of this challenge.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cycle and Grind

This Saturday I'm doing a promotional training ride.  Our friends the Prinz family operate Light House coffee, 9725 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89441, and serve some great coffee drinks and baked goods.  They've graciously allowed me to set up outside their store front door with my trainer to ride for six hours.  That is about the time it will take to ride around 100 miles. I plan on using the time to meet  people and share about the ride and hopefully have some opportunities to provide some information about the desperate need in Africa.

To put a face on my motivation, this week Ride for Hope sent me a photo of one of the children we are riding for.  His name is Eliakim Odhiambo Odago, form Kenya.  He is one of approximately 15 million children affected in some way by AIDS and HIV.  With out assistance they are at great risk. They are left on there own with no access to food, shelter, education or medical care.  Christ's hope provides these benefits for a child for about $550/year.

So from now until I complete the ride in Florida, I ride for Eliakim!

The link below is to our local TV station that covered the fundraiser event.  My sincerest thank to Chelsea Wilhite and my daughter Emily for their hard work in getting this done.

KOLO TV's segment from my Coffee and Grind fund raiser

The fundraising went great this weekend we raised around $1,000, was encouraged by many of our friends and supporters and also met some new and compasionate individules who gave to the effort.

Thank you all so very much.